CB VISA Mastercard PayPal

Directly on the website (Cf.secure payments below).

Wire transfer

By choosing this means of payment, you will receive an email with the total amount to be paid as well as the bank account information of the association. The donation will be automatically canceled if 7 days elapse without receiving your payment.

Payment by check

By choosing this means of pyament, you commit to send a check labeled in euros to the headquarters of the association with 7 days following your commitment. Checks are to be sent at the following address: SAMP - 4 RUE DU DOCTEUR PROUST - 28120 ILLIERS COMBRAY.

Secure payment

For the safety of your payments, we use the payment solution by credit/debit card devevloped by Paypal. With this system, your card payment will be performed directly with Paypal's secure server. At no time your card number will be communicated to us. Exchanges of information are encrypted and secured with the SSL3 protocol (Security Socket Layer), which has become the international standard with regards to online payments and is operational through most common internet browsers.